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Of Christian and Civil Liberties

F R A N K F U R T   D E C L A R A T I O N
OF  C H R I S T I A N  AND  C I V I L  L I B E R T I E S

In recent years we have witnessed a rapidly emerging totalitarianism in the United States and in many other nations around the world. This accelerated and intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Frankfurt Declaration of Christian and Civil Liberties was presented to the public on August 28, 2022, near Frankfurt, Germany by a group of Christian pastors and leaders to confront this troubling trend with the word of God. The declaration has since been signed by nearly 6,000 church leaders and other concerned Christians from all over the world. The Elders of Hancock Reformed Baptist Church have joined in signing the Frankfurt Declaration and believe it to be a thoroughly biblical and much needed statement for our time. We have chosen to display this on our church website for two reasons. First, we believe churches and individual Christians need to be very clear on these matters going forward. We encourage you to follow the link, read the declaration, and familiarize yourself with the numerous scripture passages referenced. Secondly, we also believe it is important at this juncture for the Church to send a very clear message to the State on these matters. The Frankfurt Declaration sends the right message in the right way and we believe it is important to do our part to give this declaration as broad a circulation as possible in hopes that it will be heard and heeded.

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